About Us


Whether it be the smell of raindrops on dirt, a fresh spring morning or a freshly made banana bread, scents have a way of tying themselves to our memories. So much so that just by smelling the scent of Blue Lagoon you can be transported back in time to that moment you went rafting at Blue Lagoon in Portland Jamaica, or when you stood watching the sunset on the beach four years ago!

Crafted from clean, premium fragrance oils, soy and soy blend wax, our scented candles are sure to evoke some memories, create new ones all while refreshing and making your home smell amazing! 



Hi!! Welcome to my creative haven!

I am the owner and operator behind Coleenhaj Creation Studio. I'm a lover of  all things books, my favourite genre being thriller/mystery ( I love, love a good detective story). I am (am not) a coffee addict and I love going on adventures ( hikes really but I get to see and do new things so yeah adventures).

I have three little souls who call me mama and who by the way is where the (HAJ) in Coleenhaj is dedicated to - the initials of their middle names.

I've always been a maker of things. My hands have dabbled in clothing, jewelry, pallet furniture to name a few and now my newest creative art form of candlemaking. 

Thank you for your trust and support. It means the world to me.

With love,